How it works?

Instagram is currently the best photo sharing app with the world's most visited website and the fourth world-wide site for generated traffic and of course one of the major systems for channeling users on their profiles and gaining popularity online, especially for brand reputation, because:

  • It has over 150 million active users every month, it is estimated that by the end of the year will be nearly 200 million and that instagram will reach Facebook within a few years.
  • On mobile devices, reaches more adults in the age range of 18-35 years than any other app in the world, the target audience is mixed (man of woman)
  • The number of photos that are shared each year is over 16 million, each day more than 55 million new photos are taken and instagram views.
  • The number of like instagram that is released to the photo is higher than the number of likes that are normally released to the same photos on Facebook, it is estimated that currently Instagram receives 1.2 million daily like photos.

This data and ease of use make it an ideal platform for those who are looking for promotion, visibility and popularity, especially in the field of fashion show and promotion of their brand.

There are so many systems to capture the interest of the users of Instagram, who can be done personally and for free, but no one is quicker or faster than relying on professionals and making them work for you to increase your profile followers and photos likes.




How does the Instagram followers increase work?

Many websites that offer Instagram follow-up services attract customers with low prices, guaranteeing thousands of followers for a little money, but in fact what they really do is use a BOT that increases the number only to appearance. We get the Instagram followers increase thanks to a combined marketing service: the Instagram profile to be promoted will be placed in an advertising circuit made up of highly visited websites and mobile applications, and promoted until reaching the predetermined goal. Simple, clear, transparent and above all effective because all people who will join your profile are real and active.

The network we work with has mainly South American users, the followers you will receive will therefore be 90% coming from South America with a majority of Brazilian users.

To promote the account, you will need to set up your account as a public and you will not be able to buy third-party campaigns to acquire new followers.

It is also possible to request the activation of complementary services to increase the number of like to single photos or more photos or a pseudo-based and sectoral follow-up service for the selected tags.

How does the Instagram targeted followers increase work?

The targeted Followers increase services allows you to follow and be followed by people interested in the tags that you have indicated to us. Thanks to our proprietary software, we will be able to automate some of your accaunt features and make it more visible thanks to actions and actions of the following and like to users and photos targeted within the area of interest that you have indicated to us. These actions, repeated over time, will ensure a good followback (followed by followed-up users) and more likes and comments to your photos.

The actions that are being taken will be removed gradually after a few days (approximately 3 for followers and 5-7 for I like) so that users who have followed you do not notice this removal, so leave you a clean profile with an increased followers base and will continue to increase month after month and just with objective to target. For this particular service, your username and password are required because we need to prepare software automation for your account. The data will be deleted immediately when used and you can change the password at the end of the service.

As with the International Follower Service, you can not buy campaigns to acquire follower from third parties during the service.

How does the photo likes work?

The Instagram single photo like is a promotion service only for the single photo. You will get at least the number of likes that you requested for the photo and will give the impression to other other users that the video is much more followed! This often leads to a spontaneous follow-up!

How does the multiple photo like service work? It's really our best service?

The photo autolike is one of the most viral services that is on the market today. The system is simple, and allows you to increase the likes to all of your photos. The system allows our software to figure out when your profile has posted a photo and activate a promotion to real people almost instantaneously to the newly published photo that can reach a very high pool of users. The service is very viral and we consider it our best service to be used at the same time as the instagram followers increase.


How long to turn on services?

Within 24/48 hours from the order date, we will receive a confirmation email from our staff. The service starts within 3/4 business days (Saturday / Sunday and holidays excluded). You must provide the data to perform the assigned assignment such as the instagram profile link to increase or the photo (if you are talking about a single photo likes).

Delivery times?

The times for instagram followers are based on the size of the ordered order, but are about 2000/3000 per day for followers and about 500/1000 per day for the photos. Promotion will however remain active until the end of the service, the higher the number of followers and the more purchased you will be the longer the promotion time. (Example: 30,000 followers will be delivered in about 10/15 days).

Are your profile visits and followers you are all real and aware of? What assurance do you offer?

Network visitors are all real and aware, we do not love who uses bot or automated software! Only the websites associated with our network (,,,,,,,, ) guarantee you the quality and competence you are looking for and real and knowledgeable users with the guarantee of the increased followers service. We fight every day against those who degrade our work!

Our service is based on many external factors but we always ensure that the number of followers and likes purchased at the end of the service will be higher than or equal to the target we set ourselves. We are so confident of our work that, in the absence of full service delivery, we offer an additional service until the goal is achieved and even if in the second attempt we fail to complete the full repayment 100% of unsatisfied followers . Instagram does not have any kind of problem with our marketing form anyway if the deadline stated in the details of the increase or according to the agreements received by email the promotion does not reach the target it is your right to request the service rendered.

Being our real followers, some of them may remove the follow up to your profile, if there are drops that bring the number of followers below the target (given the initial number of followers + followers purchased) we will provide for a free reinstatement within 30 days of the end of service, after this period we can not accept any drops that may be due to factors unrelated to our service (for example: a drop in interest due to posted material).

Additional information

After the promotion has been completed, the profile that has been promoted may continue to grow spontaneously for a few days, after exceeding a certain threshold of instagram followers (roughly 30,000 / 40000 followers), the profile will gain greater visibility into the instagram and facebook search engine (Now linked) and will have the opportunity to appear more often in the search results of these social and google itself.


You can contact us for any other information at 055.7478543